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Vice Presidents

Vice President-at-Large
: The Vice President-at-Large shall, pursuant to the direction of the President, assist the President in such matters and manner as the  President may direct, and shall succeed to the office of President in the event of the death, incapacity, retirement, resignation, or removal from office of the person serving as President. The Vice President-At-Large shall also exercise geographic oversight under the direction of the President over the Regional Vice Presidents as it relates to their duties and responsibilities.


Regional Vice Presidents
: A vice president shall be confirmed by the Convention for each of the following geographic regions and shall perform such duties as directed by the President through the Vice President at Large.

Vice President At Large

Van H. Brass

Vice Presidents

John Mark Stevens


Harrison Fields


Gerald Perkins

Southeast Regional Vice President

Irwin Brown

Vice Presidents

Calvin W. Woods, Jr.


Joseph Hampton


Marc A. Nelson, Sr.

Central Regional Vice President

Albert J. Haynes

Vice President

Van Smith, Jr.

Northeast Regional Vice President

Tommy l. Carr

Vice Presidents

Julius R. Sumler


Ike Byrd, II


Woodrow Pellerin, Sr.


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