Envisioning the Future as We Equip Disciples for Christ  

     The Official Roster


Name Position
President C.S. Gordon, Jr.
Vice President At Large Van H. Brass
General Secretary Edward Alexander, Jr.
Treasurer  Roland Bradley
Northwest Regional Vice President James E. Smith
Southwest Regional Vice President Mack C. Guillory
Vice Presidents John Mark Stevens
  Harrison Fields
  Gerald Perkins
Southeast Regional Vice President Irwin Brown
Vice Presidents Calvin W. Woods,Jr.
  Joseph Hampton
  Marc A. Nelson, Sr.
Central Regional Vice President Albert J. Haynes
Vice President Van Smith, Jr.
Northeast Regional Vice President Tommy L. Carr
Vice Presidents Julius R. Sumler
  Ike Byrd, II
  Woodrow Pellerin, Sr.
Congress of Christian Education, Director Jesse B. Bilberry, Jr.
Congress Dean Oliver W. Billups, Jr.
Parliamentarian Melvin C. Zeno
Brotherhood/Laymen Director Charles W. Hunter
Woman’s Auxiliary Director Hilda J. Guillory
Ushers Director Barry F. Payton
Young People’s Director Rosie W. Hudson
Evangelism/Late Night Worship Director Milton J. Ceasar
Assistant Secretaries Everett Slack & 
Finance Chairman Collier E. Mickle
Executive Assistant to the President Sheila H. Franklin
Administrative Assistant to the General Secretary Pye Brown
Kenneth Thibodeaux
Special Assistants to the President Orin D. Grant, Sr., & J.J. Mitchell
Music Director Thomas J. Brown
Missions Director Frankie L. Boyette




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