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Treasurer - Pastor Roland Bradley

Finance Chairman - Collier E. Mickle

Duties of the Convention’s Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall, in cooperation with the Director of Finance and the accounting firm designated to audit Convention accounting records, provide corporate oversight and accountability for Convention fiscal affairs and property management. The Treasurer shall present an annual report regarding Convention assets, liabilities, and property holdings as directed by the President during the Annual Session and Conferences/Board Meetings.

Duties of the Convention’s Finance Chairman

A finance chairman oversees all finance, taxes, accounting and reporting, audit and treasury departments. His responsibilities are:

  • A finance chairman reviews the organization's policies and advises on strategic decisions,
  • He ensures that accounting managers prepare and present "fair" and complete financial statements that agree with generally accepted accounting principles, He gives a complete reports include a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, a statement of cash flows and a statement of equity.
  • He partners with internal and external auditors to ensure that internal controls and mechanisms are adequate, functional and in compliance with generally accepted auditing standards.
  • A finance chairman also oversees financial management, treasury and tax functions and ensures that our convention files fiscal returns on time and has sufficient cash to finance our operation.
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