Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention
Dr. C. S. Gordon, Jr., President

General Secretary Dr. Edward Alexander, Jr.

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Louisiana Baptist State Congress of Christian Education
Rev. (Dr.) Jesse B. Bilberry Jr., Congress Director
Oliver W. Billups Jr., Congress Dean
Contact #: (318) 322-8587 or (318) 372-1184
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
414 S. Weeks Street • New Iberia, LA 70560 • (337) 364-6966
Tuesday, November 07, 2017


 Course #              Course Name                                            Instructor
      1001                           Introduction to the Bible                                                         Mrs. Nora Callaway
This course introduces the students to the Bible as a whole. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive analysis of the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible.

      1089                           Survey of Romans                                                                    Rev. Lovely Callaway, Jr.

This course will focus on a thematic overview of major issues presented in Paul’s doctrinal letter to the Roman Christians. Students will come to recognize each doctrinal truth presented in the book.

      1112                            Survey of Revelation                                                               Dr. Robert Hudson

This course will focus on the book of Revelation with emphases on authorship, date, theme, and recipients. The prophetic themes, symbols, and interpretations of various revelations will be discussed.

      2097                           Rethinking Christian Education                                             Rev. Freddie G. Brown
This course will examine the current trends, methodologies, and practices in Christian education to determine their validity and alliance with the Scriptures.

      4012                           The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit                                              Ms. Linda F. Coleman

Students will study the person and work of the Holy Spirit. This study will include a thorough look at the corresponding doctrines that impact our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. The students will be able to clearly identify this doctrine of the church with a holistic understanding of salvation, with special emphases on justification, redemption, and sanctification.

      6021                          Spiritual Formation                                                                 Mrs. Gloria S. Chapman

This course is designed to enable people to mature in their Christian walks. It will focus on a creative and dynamic approach to nurturing people from children to mature adults—to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Students will discuss what it means to be Christians.

     7010                           Introduction to Discipleship                                                   Rev. Tegitra K. Thomas

This course is designed to introduce the believer to the biblical principle of discipleship. The course will examine the character traits of the believers, while looking at the overall examples of Jesus. This course will examine discipleship methods of Jesus and the difference between discipleship and membership.

     8066                           Christianity and Contemporary Issues                               Mr. Willie Ransome

This course challenges the students to identify and confront contemporary issues. The students will look at issues that affect the church, home, and community. They will be encouraged to think through practical solutions and approaches to immediate and emerging social and ecclesiological concern.

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