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Louisiana Baptist State Congress of Christian Education
Rev. (Dr.) Jesse B. Bilberry Jr., Congress Director
Oliver W. Billups Jr., Congress Dean
Contact #: (318) 322-8587 or (318) 372-1184

New Zion Baptist Church

                   2319 Third Street • New Orleans, LA 70113 • Ph.# (504) 891-1103
July 16-19, 2018
Monday Class 10:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. and Tuesday - Thursday classes 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Revised Schedule as of July 3, 2018
                                      COURSE OFFERINGS/COURSE DESCRIPTION

Course Number             Course Name Instructor

     1018                                                                  Survey of Judges                                                                      Dr. Robert C. Hudson
A study through the book of Judges will provide students with the history of Israel during the times of the fifteen judges. Students will be exposed to Israel’s frequent vacillations from faith to failure under the theocracy of God.

    1079                                                                 Survey of John                                                                           Rev. Damien Brown
This course will focus on the fourth gospel and its uniqueness. Students will identify the specific features that characterize John’s gospel and distinguish it from the Synoptic Gospels, with emphasis on John’s writings and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

   2015                                                         Foundation of Christian Ethics                                                          Rev. Carl F. Lewis Sr.
This course is designed for understanding the philosophical and Christological approaches to Christian ethics. Students will engage in biblical principles for decision making and conduct for living.

   2023                                                        Creative Ways of Teaching                                                                    Mrs. Linda Smith
This course is designed to instruct in the methods of teaching in the local church setting. It is designed to assist teachers in discovering new ways of teaching, such as leaning behaviors, and strategies of student learning and behavior.

   2050                                                  Helping Young People Develop Christian Beliefs                                     Mrs. Doris D. Robert
This course will assist in developing methods for teaching young people basic Christian beliefs. Students will be taught to engage their young people in the practices of principles of Christianity.

   2061                                                       Millennials in Ministry                                                                    Rev. Alejandro R. Smith
Determine the learning styles of young adult pupils. Learn how to set goals for that age group and to identify the materials that are best suited for their learning styles. Focus on the portrayal of ways and methods that will help young adult pupils grow spiritually. Foster their involvement in the life of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on discovering the reason why the older youth often leave the church and what might be done to retain them.

   2097                                                      Rethinking Christian Education                                                             Mrs. Nora A. Callaway
This course will examine the current trends, methodologies, and practices in Christian education to determine their validity and alliance with the Scriptures.

   5007 Leadership Education in the Local Church Rev. Perry Jones Jr.
This course will explore the development of a training program for church leaders. Qualifications for being an effective spiritual leader will be identified. Students will examine the leadership in their churches in relationship to biblical principles. Emphasis will be placed on such biblical leaders as Moses, David, Paul, and Jesus to determine successful styles of leadership.

   5012 Becoming an Effective Deacon Rev. Lovely Callaway Jr.
This course is designed to assist the deacon in becoming aware of his biblical base. The students will be presented with ideas that will enable them to more effectively perform their duties and work harmoniously with the pastor and other church leaders.

   7008 Reaching the Un-churched People Mrs. Sandra LaFleur
Teach strategies to reach un-churched people and identify the reason why people leave church. Using the model of Jesus and the apostles, share the biblical principle of belonging to a fellowship of believers with a spirit of restoration.

   7010 Introduction to Discipleship Min. Marsha Newhouse
This course is designed to introduce the believer to the biblical principle of discipleship. The course will examine the character traits of the believers, while looks at the overall examples of Jesus. This course will examine discipleship methods of Jesus and the difference between discipleship and membership.

   8015 The Work of the Youth Director Mrs. Naomi R. Green
This course is designed to acquaint the youth director with the work of the Youth Department of the National Baptist Convention. The organizational structure, goals, and objectives of youth work will be the focus of the course. Students will be introduced to resources that are appropriate and available for Youth Ministry leadership.

  8051 The Church’s Ministry to Singles Mrs. Cynthia W. Rambo
This course is designed to explore ways the church can minister to singles. This course will identify “issues” that interest Christian singles, as well as investigate ideas that will help to include singles in all church activities.

   9013 Introduction to Greek Grammar Rev. Henry Goines
This course introduces the serious student to Koine (common) Greek, the Greek of the New Testament. The students will learn the alphabet, some basic grammar, and the use of the Greek lexicon. As a result of this study, the students will be able to recognize and transliterate terms found in commentaries. Likewise, after completing this course, the students will have the background to successfully master the study of Greek at a higher level of concentration. The students will have a greater concept of how the Greek language aided in the spread of the Gospel.

   9016 Organization and Administration of Church Music Mrs. Valarie Banks
This course will provide the local church leadership with the foundational and organizational structure for meaningful church music programs. The course will provide the students with musical recourses that are appropriate and meaningful to the congregation.
Seminar Disaster Management 101 Dr. David Frazier

Note: PLEASE PRE-REGISTER before July 5, 2018 online via email at registrar.lmbsc@gmail.com or Send your registration with check to
Mrs. Lydia Young, Congress Registrar
P.O. Box 74601
Baton Rouge, LA 70874

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