Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention
Dr. C. S. Gordon, Jr., President

General Secretary Dr. Edward Alexander, Jr.

Dean & Class Listings


Louisiana Baptist State Congress of Christian Education
Rev. (Dr.) Jesse B. Bilberry Jr., Congress Director
Oliver W. Billups Jr., Congress Dean
Contact #: (318) 322-8587 or (318) 372-1184

Mount Zion Baptist Church
11 16th Street • Alexandria, LA 71301 • Ph.# (318) 448-1604
                   Tuesday, May 08, 2018

                                      COURSE OFFERINGS/COURSE DESCRIPTION

 Course #              Course Name                                            Instructor
1004                          Effective Bible Reading                                                          Rev. Royal Scott
This course identifies methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity. Areas that will be covered include the structure of the Bible, resources for personal study, and other subjects that will add meaning to the reading of the Bible.

2007                            Christian Stewardship                                                         Rev. Alvin Mays
This course will cover the basic tenets of Christian stewardship—time, talent, and tithe. Students will learn how to effectively manage their resources through a better understanding of the spiritual principles, practices, and contributions of Christian stewardship.

2011                             Baptist Doctrine                                                                 Rev. Ronald Perkins

This course examines with simplicity and clarity the basic teachings of the Baptist faith. Students will explore each doctrinal position and the basis for each doctrinal position taught in the class.

2097                      Rethinking Christian Education                                                 Mrs. Nora Callaway

This course will examine the current trends, methodologies, and practices in Christian education to determine their validity and alliance with the Scriptures.

5001                       Introduction to Leadership                                                         Rev. Perry Jones Jr.
 This course introduces students to leadership in the church. In it, they will become familiar with various forms of leadership.

6018                 Organizing the Church School/Sunday School                          Rev. Lovely Callaway Jr.

This course focuses on the various administrative tasks needed to direct the church school ministry. Students will focus on a variety of administrative functions, to include recruiting, staffing, planning, programming, curriculum, budgeting, policy making, supervision, delegation, and evaluation.

6025                     Administering Vacation Bible School                                         Mrs. Sandra LaFleur

This course is designed to teach the values and the structure of the Vacation Bible School. This course will also provide instruction on how to plan, set up, and conduct Vacation Bible Schools. It will teach how to develop a program and suggest curriculum materials and visual aids for the school.

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