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Board of Directors & Bylaws



The Board of Directors of this Convention shall consist of the persons identified in our Charter and Bylaws, to wit: (a) the Officers designated; (b) the vice presidents, (c) representatives from each of the boards and auxiliaries of the Convention; and (d) the officers and some members-at-large will be selected.

Meetings of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall meet in regular session during the Annual Session and the February, May, and November Conferences/Board Meetings on Mondays. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President upon written notice issued not less than seven (7) calendar days before the special meeting and it will specific the purpose. The Secretary of the Board of Director shall prepare and maintain regular minutes of all board meetings.

Historian: The Historian shall, under the direction of the President, collect, organize, and chronicle information, records, and other data related to the life and work of the Convention, its auxiliary and ancillary entities, and ministries. The Historian shall present an annual report to the Convention regarding this work during the Annual Meeting at the direction of the President.

Statistician: The Statistician shall develop and oversee the performance of such measures as needed to determine and verify the numerical membership of the Convention through the use of statistically valid methods, and shall present a report on that data and its significance during the Annual Meeting as directed by the President.

                                                                                             Amendment to Bylaws

                                                                                           Amendment to Constitution

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